Board of Advisors

Brennan's investment strategies and tactics are improved and refined through the expertise of its Board of Advisors. Currently, Brennan has two members serving that have significant expertise in management, investment, and operations. 

Board Members


Board Member

Mr. Heise has 25 years of investment expertise in both technology firms and real estate companies. Mr. Heise was one of Brennan's early founding investors and has been an important contributor to its strategic direction. 


Board Member

With nearly 50 years of experience, Mr. Barber is an established figure in the United Kingdom commercial property industry. In 1984, he co-founded CenterPoint Properties Trust, a successful Chicago-based investment trust which specializes in industrial real estate.


Board Member

Mr. Norman M. Feinberg is a veteran real estate developer and investor with forty years of experience.  He is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Gateside Corporation, a commercial, industrial and residential real estate development and investment company with properties in New York, Pennsylvania and around Paris, France.  Mr. Feinberg also maintains substantial interests in a variety of businesses.